Cadzand-Bad is conveniently located on the border of Zeeland and Flanders (Belgium). Worth mentioning is the fact that Cadzand-Bad has the most sun hours of the Netherlands. From the park it is a short stroll (400 yards) to the beach among the most beautiful ones of the country. On food or by bicycle you can reach many beach pavilions with names like Piraat, Zeemeeuw, Moio Beach, Puur and Breskens aan Zee (BAZ).

There are some beautiful sightseeing’s in the surrounding area of the park. Some of them:


Be sure to visit this splendid nature reserve at the coast. At high tide, the sea fully or partially washes over the vast sandy plane beyond the beach and the dunes. As a result, it is a unique biotope for numerous birds and plants.


The city of Knokke at the Belgium coast offers an almost infinite number of smart boutiques and restaurants. Not forgetting the dozens of galleries. You can stroll along the beautiful, wide boulevard. A walk at low tide (4,5 miles) in Knokke is certainly something to consider.


Belfry in Sluis

There’s a lot to see in Sluis, from walks around the town’s walls to shopping extravaganzas all week and on Sundays! There is also an indoor kids´ paradise, an ostrich farm and don’t miss the bustling evening markets in July and August! Sluis can easily be reached by bike or by car (6 miles).


Bruges with its beautiful 16th century houses and canals is certainly worth a visit. Bruges has most of its medieval architecture intact. The historic centre of Bruges has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. Bruges is at 15 miles from Cadzand-Bad and is known for its lace, chocolate and beer brewery 'De Halve Maan'. 


Ghent is a city with about 300 bars, 50.000 students, an alive music scene with free concerts every day and good secondhand shopping. The city lies between Bruges and Brussels, and that's also what it feels like: you get a romantic setting with pretty medieval buildings (like Bruges) mixed up with a living nightlife (like Brussels).


From Breskens a ferry takes you to Vlissingen in about 20 minutes. You can take your bike across and visit the towns/villages as Middelburg, Zoutelande, Domburg, Veere and many more.